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Wine bottle candle-lamps- Classy (and recycled!)

Wine bottle candle-lamps- Classy (and recycled!)

Wine bottle candle-lamps- Classy (and recycled!)

Wow. These are a long way from the drinking glasses I used to make from old bottles back 20 years ago!

Yeah- half the one’s I used to make would leave you with no lips! lol….well, not THAT bad…

Old wine bottles can also be made into bird feeders by cutting a hole in the side and sanding the edge of the hole, and drilling several small drain holes at the bottom. i have one, but the side hole was already in it when i got it, so i don’t know how you would cut it ???

Two posts today, so as to make up for being MIA the last two days (been sick as a junkyard dawg- the flu).

I’m slowly working/plotting/stock-piling/hoarding (call it what you will!) materials for an eventually-to-be-constructed tree house (a BIG adult one) that my neighbor and I might jointly go in together on- over on his property. In anycase, I came across David Guilfoose’s work and site http://www.greenwinebottles.com, and thought “I must have those lamps!”. They could also be converted, easily enough, into actual electric/bulb lamps- which might be the route I go.

Wine bottle candle-lamps- Classy (and recycled!)

His work is great, and the idea and message are even greater. I’ve messed around a little myself with glass cutting, and wine bottle reconfiguring- even wine bottle construction (Windows- see “Tiny Yellow House” Episode #2 on youtube.com) -and its no easy task, as glass is so unforgiving.

I DO wish, however, that David might offer up some wine bottle shoe horns, or wine bottle back scratchers, as I do feel there’s a fortune to be made in that arena…. ‘How bout wine bottle kazoos? No, in all seriousness, check out the man’s site, as he might be teaming with us on a future edition of the show where I’d showcase his lamps- which we’re very pleased about, as we always can use ANY help, whether it be ideas, product/props (decor, etc), or small sponsorships. ‘Them cameras, jibs, n’ CGI explosions don’t pay for themselves…

Wine Chimes from Greenwinebottles.com


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Ken Isaacs classic underground, handmade housing book…FREE to read online/download

Ken Isaacs classic underground, handmade housing book…FREE to read online/download


I had never heard of this book until one reader who ordered my book told me that one of my designs had a Ken Isaacs vibe to it. Who the heck is Ken Isaacs? Check out the link….

This book runs used for about $75.00 online (!), so save yourself a bundle by checking it out through its host site….

Lloyd Kahn’s Domebook, also out of print, is available there too! Many others as well…

ken isaacs book


Solar Burrito’s Still at It! Cabin/Tiny House Update

There are a million blogs out there, and about one hundred or so that I really dig, and THIS is from one that I always check back to from time to time…..So, having not seen the site in a little while, I was pleased to return and find that Solar Burrito’s Cabin (once on the site of his old (r.i.p. yurt)) is now nearing completion. A great looking little cabin too!

Show the man some love- check out his videos/blog at: http://solarburrito.wordpress.com/

Solar Burrito's Cabin on the West Coast

I DO hope that we get to see a film/tour of the cabin when its finally entirely done….

This cool/unique-concept video was also posted on the “Burrito Blog”- something I had never considered, but that is ingeniously simple…


Original article and pictures take http://relaxshax.wordpress.com/2010/10/18/david-guilfooses-recycled-wine-bottle-art-lamps-and-candleholders/ site

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