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Wow, this work great!

Oooh I just realized that you used my font Sandwich Paper for the preview image, that's so cool :D

Just downloaded this kit, but I don't see the illustrator brushes. I'm hoping that I just don't see them because I'm too excited to try each item out. Thanks,

@qazal khataie Thanks Qazal, much appreciated! :)

so pretty

I have just purchased the kit and am exploring the pages of items. I was just wondering how we can select the items and use then in our designs while still in Illistrator? Can we use them in Indesign also? Thank you!

Do I need to purchase a license to use these beautiful designs on items that I will be selling?

Hello. Would I need to purchase extended license to use these designs for my logo? I will be using my logo on my own websites, business cards, social media, etc... Thank you.

@monica stark Hi Monica! Absolutely! You may go ahead happily :) xx

I purchased this package I would love using these on my silhouette cameo w/ the sketch pens. Do you know how I save this so I can import it? Thank you.


Introducing the all new comprehensive Hand-sketched Designer's Vector Kit - packed with over 300 unique and never seen before hand-sketched elements, including swirls, laurels, frames, leaves, feathers, dividers, and branches and curls. To get your design juices flowing, I've included a set of 18 Logo Templates for you to play with and use in your personal branding projects :)

Original article and pictures take https://creativemarket.com/Nickylaatz/42397-Handsketched-Designers-Branding-Kit?utm_source=cm-weekly-newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=newsletter-05-21-14&utm_content=product site

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