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Tutorials 30- Bath Mat From Old Towels {Wash Bath Mat}

Tutorials 30- Bath Mat From Old Towels {Wash Bath Mat}

Tutorials 30- Bath Mat From Old Towels {Wash Bath Mat}

Wow I love this idea! I might use it in my new apartment, thanks!

that is a brilliant idea! and it will actually absorb the water as you're standing on it, unlike the $20+ bath rugs you buy at the store.

I love this! Thanks for sharing!!

this looks doable, but I would recommended forgetting the scissors and going with a rotary cutter (like we use in quilting) can buy at any big box or craft store for little $ and it comes in handy with SO many projects.

Although I wonder how well this would stand up to repeated washings, I guess it would mostly depend on the quality of the grid and how tightly you tied the strips.

I LOVE THIS!!!! thanks for sharing!!

Holy Hannah that would take patience! Looks awesome though!

This is totally in one of my upcoming posts! I made one for my daughter's room using green T-shirts. Mine took a heck of a lot longer than 2 hrs though.

has been wonderful.definitely going to try.

Very, very cool! A great project for long car trips, beach, pool, etc. Thanks so much for sharing.

Good lord, someone get that woman a decent pair of scissors!

How does this hold up to washing? Can you put it in a washing machine?

I was also wondering about how to wash it? Obviously don't put in it the dryer but will it be okay in the washer?

I was wondering the same thing about the washing.

This is really beautiful. I've thought about doing it with t-shirts for my sons nursery. I'm concerned about making a bathmat though. How can it be washed? Something like would get pretty dingy and gross rather quickly I would think.

where did you get the grid mat? having trouble finding one.

This is awesome! :)

Great idea! Are the mats machine washable?

-caroline @ c.w.frosting

Looks like it might leave a lot of little white bits all around. You can see when cutting and/or tying that it leaves little 'crumbs'... that could get messy? Anyone try this and know how much towel bits are left behind?

I would love to try this... but how do I wash it?

I would love to try this..... but how do I wash it?

I love this!!!!!!! I really want to do this right now

I made one of these rugs, it turned out beautiful, however you didn't mention the mess it makes to cut the towels.....I had lint all over my house for days, till I finished.

How do you wash this bath rug?

This would also look really interesting with different color towels. Like red, aqua, white and green.

Source: finecraftguild.com via Liz on Pinterest

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