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Tile Border Mirror

Tile Border Mirror

Tile Border Mirror

Yes, what is the clamp tape for?

I did someting like this around the \"contractor's\" frameless mirror in our main bath. I used glass/mirror adhesive and glued border tiles (that matched the bathroom walls) directly on to the mirror. Since the back of the tiles were white, I didn't

Detailed instructions are found at the bottom of these instructions; \"to see more\" button above.

I did this in my bathroom. I used hot glue no need to tape. Just hold in place 30 seconds. It's been up three weeks holding great.

Looks great!!

After months of searching for the right mirror for my guest bedroom I realized that a full length mirror that looks nice and would not break my bank is hard to come by these days. So I did what any self respecting DIY'er would do, made one for myself! mirror

Oh yes, it all started with that $5 over the door mirror from Home Depot.

These mini glass tiles come in a square sheet with a grid backing. It is easy to cut the grid backing into strips with scissors.

The step by step tutorial with detailed pictures is available at the link posted below. Also please don't forget to checkout my other cool DIY mirrors;

Clothespin mirror and Sunburst mirror mirror with paper.


To see more: http://whatsurhomestory.com/diy-tile-mirror/

Original article and pictures take http://www.hometalk.com/5352461/tile-border-mirror site

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