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Sheet Music Angel Wings

Sheet Music Angel Wings

Sheet Music Angel Wings

This is amazing Rachel!!!…so gorgeous!

Simple and yet so elegant. I love this idea:)

Did you try to use hot glue gun instead of staples? I really want to decorate my house with things that reflect our Savior. Thank you and we all strive to be just like Him. Enjoy.

Great question, Miriam! I did not try hot glue. I considered it and decided staples would be easier on my hands (I always burn myself with hot glue!). I think it would probably work, but you’ll just have to make sure you only glue the ends so the feathers can fall. Hope this helps and Merry Christmas!

You know, I thought it’d be something like this! Great instructions though Rachel, thanks for taking the time. Merry Christmas!

How beautiful are these? And they don’t look too hard to make! My favorite kind of DIY! I love this!

This is the first set of angel wings that I love! I have seen so many on other blogs/magazines, but yours bring a smile to my face and puts joy in my heart. Your little sign below is just “icing on the cake.” This is my first time reading your blog and I found it through the Christmas Tour. I think God has used your talents in many areas of your life – an angel in disguise.


Connie, FL/IN

Oh Connie, thank you so much! I’m so very glad to have you here and so appreciate the sweet comment. Merry Christmas!

The number one question I’ve been asked since I shared my Christmas home tour earlier this week was how I made the angel wings.

First of all, I want to say THANK YOU for all your sweet comments. Secondly, I would like to say that if I had had any notion of how difficult it would be to photograph these things where I put them, I probably would have put them somewhere else! So apologies for the awkward angles. And finally, I want to tell you that this was a complete experiment that didn’t turn out how I was imagining… but I love them anyway. Sometimes those are the best kinds of projects.

I feel as though I have been so distracted this year from what really matters. Always trying to get more done. To be more efficient. To achieve more.

And I hate that.

I don’t hate accomplishment, but I do hate when that driving need gets in the way of my relationship with God and people. So for my Christmas decorations this year, I wanted tangible reminders of the hope that this season offers us. I had visions of a fleet of angel wings swooping up my staircase.

And that didn’t really happen, obviously. I actually did make a second pair, but the scale wasn’t right, so I didn’t end up hanging them. This project wasn’t as time consuming as it looks, and I managed enough trial and error for all of us, so hopefully it will be relatively painless for you. And I hope that for you – as they have been for me – the wings can be a reminder of the glory to God in the highest.

Here’s how to make angel wings from vintage sheet music:

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Step 1: To prepare your feathers, rip old sheet music (I found mine at the thrift store) out of its binding and cut the pages into thirds vertically. Reserve a few (see step two). Cut rough feather shapes with the rest (see image below), cutting as many pages at a time as your scissors (these are my favorite) will go through. They should be totally imperfect. Then fold all feathers in half, creasing them down the middle.

Step 2: Cut 2 large teardrop shapes from cardboard. Mine were approximately 32\u2033 tall and 18\u2033 wide (size does kind of matter as it will affect the proportions of the feathers to the wing). Using double sided tape or staples, cover the edges with the strips of sheet music that you set aside in step 1 – this is to make sure you don’t see cardboard sticking out the side of your wings once you hang them. Then move to a surface that your staples will not hurt, such as concrete.

Step 3: Using a stapler that can open flat, begin at the bottom point of your wing. Staple the feathers to the cardboard with the crease down (opening up to face you), working in a circle around the wing. Continue to point the crease down and the point of the feather OUT from the wing, even as you work around the sides and top. Then move in a couple of inches and do it again. And again. And again. Until you have a very full and layered circle of feathers and no cardboard is showing. At the end, turn some feathers so the crease is up (and they open away from you), and staple them at the center (see last image). This will add some “fluff” to the center of your wing.

When you have stapled as many as you think it needs (as you can see, I probably did 7-8 layers plus extra in the middle), hold it upright so you can see how the feathers fall. This is key. My first one looked awesome right away. My second one looked terrible at first… Do not despair. Fold, primp, puff, scrunch, and add some more feathers if you need to. Then nail it to the wall (literally).

Mr Pax and I decided it needed a little sign for emphasis, so I put one together (very similar to my Weary World sign) from scrap wood.

Tonight (which, as I am writing this, is December 3), I finally started the Advent calendar we do every year with our kids for the month of December. It is one of my most precious memories and one of the things I look forward to all year.

And we started December 3. Clearly I haven’t mastered the art of putting first things first…

But I am trying. And by grace, I am being blessed each time I do. I hope the same is true for you.

Celebrating the Savior,

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