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1. As a way to label open shelves.

A godsend in the kitchen.

2. As a way to label cheeses on a tray.

3. As a way to label wine glasses at a party.

Or mugs.

4. As a way to customize a “DO NOT DISTURB” sign.

A necessity for any parent. “[Insert child’s name here], please make up this room.”

5. As a way to label measuring utensils.

6. As a reusable bunting banner.

You can commemorate ANYTHING.

7. As a way to label bowls.

8. As a way to make a locket interchangeable.

For all your future heartthrobs and soul mates.

9. As a helpful labeling tool to keep a child organized.

10. As a way to keep score in a board game.

11. As a way to keep track of everyone’s chores.

12. As a way to keep track of what’s in (or not in) your fridge.

13. As a way to label kitchen cupboards.

14. As a way to label notebooks.

15. As a way to tell people where to sit.

16. As a way to label what’s in the crockpot.

17. As a fun way to break up the day.

18. As a way to give your child a real laptop.

19. As a way to leave a note in your child’s lunchbox.

20. As a way to label amorphous jars of stuff.

21. As a way to label a display.

22. As a learning tool.

Paint blocks with chalkboard paint and you can teach numbers and words with them.

23. As a way to write down numbers and phone messages.

This landline phone is painted with a coat of chalkboard paint.

24. As wallpaper.

Have you ever tried to put up wallpaper? It’s the worst.

25. As a way for kids to practice their handwriting.

26. As a way to be incredibly lazy about holidays.

Get rid of all your wreaths! This is the only one you need!

27. As a way to keep kids busy on road trips.

28. As a way to keep track of your cooking steps.

29. As a way to remember your groceries.

30. As a way to leave yourself notes on your own iPhone.

31. As a way to pass the time when there’s not much to talk about.

Besides HOW FUCKING AWESOME chalkboard paint is.

Original article and pictures take http://www.buzzfeed.com/peggy/most-useful-ways-to-use-chalkboard-paint site

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