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materials needed

materials needed

materials needed

LOVE it!

What kind of hot glue are you using here? I can't see regular hot glue holding up. Also are you using a finishing spray of anykind?

Super cool! I have to try this. Your fab for showing us how!

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Hot Glue is typically water soluble, so a waterproof epoxy or construction adhesive is a better idea if this is going outside. Also to add more sturdiness and heft (as well as a way to keep it easier to step on, once made, set on top of a wet concrete circle (of the same size) - use an old cake pan as your mold! If you wanted, you could also grout the riverrock that way to fill in the gaps - tint your grout to any color you want!

I love this, I wanted let you know that Home Depot carries sheets of flat stone for use in tiling purposes, they interlock together. That would help with some of the bigger projects!

I really like this idea, just wondering how well hot glue really serious works to secure the rocks, long term .

Looks lovely - I am curious to know how well the glue holds up in the weather/being walked on! I'd be all over that river-rock bath mat, but I'm afraid the constant soaking would ruin the glue and we'd lose the rocks pretty fast... do you think a waterproof epoxy like is used in fishtanks would work for this?

I used a shelf liner then used a box to protect my surface from the glue. I'm having a hard time getting the shelf liner to detach from the box without my rocks going everywhere. Any tips?

I had the same exact problem this morning when I attempted this project. I used an old remnant of carpet as my base and the hot glue stuck to it perfectly. However, it just would not adhere to the rocks at all.

doesnt hot glue melt in the afternoon sun?

I love the idea where they are used as a bath mat! But I worry about them being slippery. Is there something you do so you arent falling every morning?

Although these projects can be a little time consuming for those who obsess over every detail of a project, it is still super easy and unbeatably cheap!


Hi Temp Glue Gun or a strong glue epoxy



River Rocks (found at the $1 Store!)

Shelf Liner in a matching color ( about $3 at Wal-mart!)

materials needed

River Rock Stepping Stones/ Garden Accent

Step 1: Cut the shelf liner

You can make any size or shape you want. Although I knew I wanted a circle, I still started with a nice big rectangle.

Step 2: A Dry Run

Before gluing, place the rocks on the mat trying to find rocks that form a somewhat close fit. It doesn't have to be perfect! If you want to use contrasting rock colors to add a design, initials, or a pattern, begin there.

how to make a river rock stepping stone

Step 3: Begin Gluing

Once you are satisfied with your pattern, glue it down one rock at a time. (Please note that it you are using sheet liner only, the adhesive will run through it! Protect your work surface!) Don't be surprised if your pattern or letter slowly shifts due to gluing the rocks in a slightly different location than before. No big deal. Once your pattern is secured move on to the background. It will be tempting to go straight to glue here, but give it a dry run first, then glue it. Once you have finished the mat, trim any excess sheet liner and...


diy river rock stepping stone

This stepping stone is the first of many that will adorn our yard this spring. The materials used for one stepping stone breaks down to about $1.50! Concrete aside, it doesn't get any cheaper for stepping stones!

Need more inspiration?

River rock bath mat

A River Rock Bathmat- just use a plain bathmat in the same color as your rocks in place of the shelf liner!

Apartment therapy boot tray

What a great idea from Apartment Therapy! A boot tray filled with pebbles! Looks great!

Using River Rocks as tiling for the bathroom, shower, kitchen backsplash, etc. Not for the faint of heart!

Riverstone Door Mat

What a great door mat! The random mix of colors is beautiful.

Some Suggestions for door mats:

your last name

a monogram (tricky!)

house number



Check out this walkway!!!! LOVE IT!


Original article and pictures take http://entirelysmitten.typepad.com/entirelysmitten/2011/03/fun-with-river-rocks-tutorial-and-bonus-ideas.html site

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