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Learn how to make this cozy pillow bed.

Learn how to make this cozy pillow bed.

Learn how to make this cozy pillow bed.

Love this idea. Is each section where the pillows are stuffed in….left open?

Hi, I’m glad you like this project. Yes, I just left them open but you could probably add velcro or maybe buttons if you wanted them closed. I’ve never had a problem with the pillows slipping out. They’re snug in there.

Did you just use standard pillows?

Yes standard pillows should work perfectly.

What size pillows? Standard, queen or King?

Hi Donna, standard size pillows should work well for this.

I love this pillow bed! I’ve made three for my grandkids and did one for a friend’s grandchild. The pattern I have from a magazine in 2013 called for 5 pillows. My grandkids love them as do their mom’s. Especially when they get sick and want to sleep by mom.

I literally learned how to use a sewing machine last week and made a pillow. I decided to get more ambitious and found this via Pinterest. Thank you SO much for making the instructions easy enough for a beginner like me to understand! I made it for my 2 year old who adores it! I did opt to close the ends with velcro but otherwise followed along exactly. So happy thanks again!

Oh, I’m so glad your pillow bed. I love that you adapted the pattern too – I swear I can never stick to a pattern/recipe without adding my own touches. Thanks for your lovely comment.

Learn how to make this cozy pillow bed.

How to Make a Cozy Pillow Bed

In honor of Throwback Thursday, I’m resurrecting an oldie but a goodie. Over two and half years ago I posted my second ever blog post called “PILLOW MATTRESS – MY FIRST BIG SEWING PROJECT”. At the time, I didn’t think anyone would be interested in my blog or anything I had to talk about. Boy was I wrong! Today, that same post has been pinned over 40,000 times on Pinterest and it didn’t even come with a tutorial or directions on how to make the pillow bed. I think it’s time to remedy that situation now. I’ve redone the photos and am now including a full photo tutorial so you can learn how to make your own cozy pillow bed.

Before we get to the tutorial, I want to take a minute to talk about how great this pillow bed is. It’s been a couple of years since I made the pillow bed and it still gets used on a very regular basis. It’s so incredibly comfortable that it’s the bed of choice anytime my daughter has a sleepover. I’ve even had kids fighting over who gets to use it before. Noelle uses it whenever she goes to sleepover’s where they don’t have an extra bed or mattress – it’s very easy to transport. We’ve even used it to sleep on when we go camping. I’m telling you, it is the most luxurious and comfortable bed ever. And, don’t worry if you’ve never sewed before, neither had I before I made this – it’s super easy to make and you’ll whip it up in no time flat.

Cozy Pillow Bed Sewing Tutorial

Finished size: 33 x 74 inches (83.8 x 185.4 cm) | Seam Allowance: 1/2\u2033 (1.3 cm)


2.25 yards (2 m) flannel material in pattern 1 (you can also just choose to do the entire bed in one pattern if you prefer)

2.25 yards (2 m) flannel material in pattern 2

Sewing machine and thread

Sharp scissors or rotary cutter


Measuring tape

Pencil or water soluble marker

4 pillows


Using your scissors or rotary cutting tool, cut both pieces of flannel material to measure 34.5\u2033 x 75\u2033. (PHOTO A)

With both flannel pieces facing their right sides together, pin around one short

side, one long side, and the other short side (one long side will not be pinned together). (PHOTO B)

Machine sew the three pinned sides together, leaving a 1/2 seam as you sew. Remove pins as you sew. (PHOTO C)

Trim the points off the stitched corners with scissors (don’t get too close to the stitching). (PHOTO D)

On the one long raw side that hasn’t been sewn, fold over and pin the material twice so that there’s approximately a 1/2\u2033 seam. (PHOTO E)

Machine sew the 1/2\u2033 seam along the edge of the material (do not sew the two sides together) and turn right side out. (PHOTO F)

Starting at one short end, mark a parallel line every 18.5 inches down until you reach the other short end. This will divide you pillow bed into four equal sections. Stitch along each line to make four pillow pockets. (PHOTO G)

Stuff each of the four pockets with a pillow. (PHOTO H)

Download your free cozy pillow bed sewing tutorial here.

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Learn how to make a cozy pillow bed with this quick and easy tutorial – a great beginner sewing project. Perfect for reading, lounging, sleepovers, and camping!

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