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Leaning Tower of Pisa

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Leaning Tower of Pisa

That’s adorable…. how do you always find the most funny, cute, genius ideas!! LOVE that!

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Kind if plays with your head this one. But great, quirky idea!

Maria xx


I am so impress to find a nice and amazing photo frames. that’s really give a amazing looks of photo.I want to get a old ornaments types of photo frames.

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love love love this!

that’s so cute! definitely makes you want to think outside the box! :]

That is AWESOME! Now I must go so I can make something this awesome to hang on my wall!


what a great idea!

you always find the best stuff to post about – love your blog :)

Thanks for posting to my Pinterest, Joanna! Loved this frame so much… hoping I can find a similar one. Very clever, indeed.

Seriously so so clever. I love it.

This is sheer genius! I love travel photos that aren’t the norm. We’ve all seen the typical Tower of Pisa photo…this is just so smart!

Ha, love it. xx

Very clever.

Hehe this made me smile :)

oh how lovely

Have to be honest, I’m (Jill) a little bummed that the people aren’t leaning. They must be more refined than me ;)

Jill&Eric at Frozen Sunshine

Haha that’s awesom! you’d prob have to get that custom made right? Super clever.

– Sarah


Brilliant! People are awesome.

that’s just soooo cool!!!

how fun!

This is really great. I love the large matting. And the tilt is perfect for the picture. :)

love it! off-kilter is always good :)

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i love this idea! have a great weekend!

xo- vanessa (the gal)


Brilliant!!! :)

This is awesome.

yes i love this ! totally a cool idea :)

ps, http://amandamantes.blogspot.com

I love that!!!!!!!

so genius. would be cool for a kid-in-a-swing photo, too.

this is so fun and cute! love it


There’s another leaning tower in London!


oh so fun, i love unexpected framing ideas!

This is brilliant! (giggle). Happy Friday, Joanna. xo

I’m in love with this. I officially need a trip to Italy to get my own.

~Stop Me if You’ve Heard This One

very cute! I remember visiting Pisa ages ago!

xo, Anna of (Green Gable)

Ha! Love that! People are so creative…

Ha! Genius.

Oh I like that! The positioning is fun, but I like how tiny the photo is and how large the frame is!



What clever framing. (And remember this?:)

(By Moritz Frei, via Pennyweight)

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