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Kids Toothbrush & Bathroom Fix

Kids Toothbrush & Bathroom Fix

Kids Toothbrush & Bathroom Fix

Great idea! I wonder how well the velcro will hold up. I might have to do this very thing!

Great idea! I will definitely be trying this but will probably use the Command Hooks frame stabilizer strips. Works like velcro but doesn't damage the wall.

There is an easy removable velcro that you can use too by the same company.

Oh, what a cheap yet awesome project! It's so neat, I will have to try this for my three boys!

I have one that can't stand the taste of toothpaste- mint or the bubblegum flavor it is so hard to find something he will use.

I am going to try this in the inside of the cabinet door! Thanks for the idea

I am going to try this on the inside of the cabinet door. Thanks for the idea!

I am going to try this in the inside of the cabinet door! Thanks for the idea

I love the idea. However, I would use 3m's velcro strips instead. A little bit pricier but saves the walls in the end.

That is such a awesome idea, really cool, must try

Thank you so much for this idea, I have two boys, 10& 6 and a little girl that is 5yrs old. I know what you mean! I tried everything, to wiping their bathroom down, once a week, to 3 times a week now, lets not mention the toilet...lol this idea is so easy! And neat cause the kids want their own things...thank u. I'm doing it today

You can always attach them with velcro to a piece of wood and then attach the wood to the wall with the command strips. You could even frame and decorate it to match the bathroom, sort of like a tooth hygiene \"wall hanging\"!

Love this idea, will probably affix the Velcro to a base board of done sort.

Instead of Velcro though could drill a small hole near the top of the cup and then use the 3m hooks on you're wall or cabinet

Instead of Velcro though could drill a small hole near the top of the cup and then use the 3m hooks on you're wall or cabinet

great idea but Im not sure about the velcro either. that stuff is gonna take the drywall off when you decide to take it off the wall.

There is that removable Velcro that won't take your paint of when you remove it from the wall.

How about using small pails with handles, and hanging them on 3M hooks?

Great idea! Has it been easy to remove cup from wall for cleaning purposes?

I love the idea of the pails!

Yep, super easy to clean the cups.

How has it worked out so far? I am wondwring about health/cleaning of cups with toothpaste wet of younger children

I'm curious where I could get small pails? I love that idea since it would be handy for the kids to bring the whole pail down and then hang it back up.

Alicia, I've found small pails in the dollar section at Target. You may find some there or at the dollar store or somewhere like Hobby Lobby or Micheals is where I would look.

Great idea.....I have Quadruplets and they hate when the toothbrushes touch each other. Lol

The problem with pails is that they will get wet and rust... I really like your idea of the cups that they can use to get their sip of water at the end, and I love that it keeps all the mess off the counter. Great idea!

This is a fantastic idea, although I would stagger them a bit so they aren't directly on top of one another. If they don't dry their hands before putting stuff back into the cups, water will drip down on top of the one below it, which puts you back at square one in the icky germs department!

Target sells mini buckets and a size bigger at different times of the year in the $1 bins at the front of the store. I bought the bigger buckets and placed the cup inside each bucket and the toothbrushes and toothpaste inside the cup. That way each child can remove the whole cup from the bucket to take care of brushing, rinsing and then place it back inside the bucket that is hanging on the door inside our bathoom sink cabinet. This has been a life saver for my twins and their big brother.

I like the idea of having their own cups on the wall. Great stuff!

Disclaimer: This is not in any way sponsored, I bought this stuff with my own money and decided to share the project with you.

I love my kids, but sometimes they're really, really gross. Like when it comes time to brush their teeth. Two of them love it and would brush their teeth all day long, the other one doesn't like the toothpaste flavor. (That one already has 4 cavities, GRRR!)

One reason I consider their toothbrushing habits to be so icky is that they just grab whatever toothbrush they want to and use it. GROSS! They also aren't very good at rinsing their brushes off when they're done.

This morning, trying to get Talker Man to deal with his tooth brushing before school, I realized I'd had just about enough of this and with cold/flu season coming up fast, SOMETHING needed to be done.

I set off to Walmart (really, the only store in this town) to find a solution.

First stop was the toothbrushes. Little Miss Princess was with me and picked her own new Barbie brush and some princess toothpaste. I chose for the boys. (Ninja Turtles for one and Transformers for the other.) I found three plastic character cups in the party section and some sticky Velcro in the craft section.

Home we went, to get to work on this yucky problem. I went through the cabinet and tossed ALL the toothbrushes that were laying around in there.

Then I decided where we were going to hang these contraptions. I decided there needed to be height, to keep the little two out of the big one's stuff, so they wouldn't use his non-mint flavored toothpaste and get his brush all gunky. I decided the wall was probably the best place for it, even though I'm almost positive I'll regret this decision when I go to remove the Velcro..it's really sticky. (Don't mind the weird lighting, the wax burner/nightlight is right there next to them.)

I put the opposite side of the Velcro onto the cups and hung those babies up! Everything is self contained, everyone will be able to tell whose is whose and HOPEFULLY this will put a stop to the toothbrush sharing! It's right next to the sink, so there's no excuse to not put their things back where they belong.

Crossing my fingers!

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