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I also sprayed some clip boards. This picture gives you a good idea of the size difference of the shelves.

I also sprayed some clip boards. This picture gives you a good idea of the size difference of the shelves.

I also sprayed some clip boards. This picture gives you a good idea of the size difference of the shelves.

Just wondering what does the wax do ?


Because the chalky paint primer (or any chalk paint) is so flat and we apply it without sanding and prepping, it will scratch off of a shiny/laminate surface. Applying a sealant, such as wax or poly will protect the paint.

I hope that helps explain it.


These are great. Have given me some great ideas.

yay! Happy to help Theresa!


“But first coffee”! I love it. I actually have a cabinet door I bought at a yard sale so I shall try it. Wish me luck! Wish I had your skill!

My heart is beating wildly after seeing this post of your projects made with cabinet doors. WELL DONE! I’m drooling after seeing your stash of cabinet doors!

Thank you so much for your sweet comment Sharilee!!! My stash of cabinet doors is definitely dwindling.


P.S. – I voted for you!

You have one heck of a cabinet door stash,Gail! I love your latest project. Thanks for sharing it at the Vintage Inspiration Party – I pinned it to my “Spotted at the VIP board – https://www.pinterest.com/knickoftime/spotted-at-the-vip-vintage-decor-repurposed-projec/

You have such great ideas for repurposing old doors! I would like to invite you to share some of your work at my Making Broken Beautiful party this week! It runs every Thursday thru Sunday. I do hope you will come share some inspiration!




Love these such a great idea and yes…”coffee first” perfect.

I need to make some of these for me…I always love yours and have enough cabinet doors! I love the vinyl they look so professional, thanks for sharing the fonts!

I have used cupboard doors for years. I love the addition of the shelf.

Gail- you are my inspiration, as well as my hands down favorite blogger! I just learned yesterday how to use a Kreg-Jig and it is on my Christmas list, as well as the HomeRight Finish Max sprayer and the spray shelter. Can you recommend any other items for my Christmas list that I’ll need to really get booking on these projects? I have a sander, and a power saw, and a manual miter saw. And lots of Gorilla Glue!

I’d love a Silhouertte, but I already have a Cricut – one of the small ones when they first came out. The largest letter size I can get is 5 inches, but I’ll have to make do with it. Any other recommendations would be great – I’ll just tell my hubbie that Gail recommended it, so that means I gotta have it for Christmas!

Thanks again for a great post! Have a wonderful day!

Oh my Laurie!! I am giddy about your enthusiasm!

There a few of my favorite hand tools, such as a pry bar (cat’s claw) and a pair of channellock pliers (great for removing nails)

In addition, make sure you get a great supply of the pocket hole screws. I buy them by the 1000’s so I always have them. One more thing, clamps. Any and all kinds. I love Kreg right angle clamps to use with pocket holes, and Irwin quick clamps for an extra pair of hands.

Gee, I think it’s time to do a blog post on this.


love that beluga, it is a go with every thing kinda color xx

They turned out great!

it’s amazing how versatile and useful cabinet doors can be! and yes, first coffee.. having it now!

Gail I love your shelf projects with the doors! Wonderful!! I also appreciate the Silhouette inspiration! :))

I have to ask – do you just pit your paint in the finish max, plug it in and go to town? This looks like the perfect tool!

well, it’s a little more involved than that Jackie,

I strain my paint as I’m pouring it into the paint cup, then I add a little water (for latex paint) to dilute it. It’s difficult to say how much, you can use the viscosity cup to gauge until you get use to it. I rarely measure anything these days. If the paint doesn’t spray easily, I know I need to add a little water, if it runs, OOPS! I got it too thin.


I’ve been at it again. I’m still trying to deplete my cabinet door stash. You know I love making coat racks and shelves. I think they are so practical and they are great sellers.

My stash doesn’t look quite this neat these days, but I think I found the doors in this picture that I’m using for these four cabinet door projects. Two of the shelves are made from the small doors in the front, and two made from the larger doors in the back. I hand picked these doors because I wanted them to be more rectangular than square.

I got busy making the first two larger ones without really taking any pictures. So I made sure to snap pics of the smaller ones. All you need for these projects are cabinet doors and some scrap 1x’s. I used 1×4’s for the smaller ones, and 1×6’s for the larger doors.

I drilled pocket holes in the cabinet door with my Kreg Jig and secured the board to the door with pocket hole screws and Gorilla Wood Glue.

I made some diy chalky paint primer with plaster of paris in some Polished Pearl paint, and gave a large and small shelf a couple of light coats. I use my Homeright Finish Max so much, but even I sometimes don’t get the paint exactly right. This paint flowed like a charm onto these projects. I rarely measure, because paint is always different. But this day, it was perfect!

I also sprayed some clip boards. This picture gives you a good idea of the size difference of the shelves. That was so quick and easy that as soon as they dried, I moved them and started with some chalky paint primer made with Beluga—another small and large shelf and five clipboards. And while I had the paint and the Finish Max out, I grabbed a chair . . . . . . and half of a bi-fold door. Sometimes when I’m painting and have a little left over in my paint cup, I just look around for more stuff to paint!

After using the chalky paint primer I gave everything a coat of semi-gloss paint with my Finish Max. The chalky paint primer AND the semi-gloss paint dry very fast because the Finish Max sprays such a fine finish.

I got busy doing other things for a couple of days. When I got these projects back out, there were four items to work on. A small and large white shelf, and a small and large black shelf. There were some decisions to make on how I was going to finish them. I rarely have a plan when I start.

I used some brown paper to sand all of the projects.

Then I gave all of the projects a light coat ofMy Repurposed Life Heirloom Traditions Clear Wax. After the wax dried, I used the brown paper to buff. By this time it was very soft and crinkly—perfect for sanding and waxing.

The brown paper is very thin and it came in a package I ordered—I have a LOT of it.

I designed a But First. COFFEE phrase with my Silhouette program and cut it out in white vinyl. The font for the But First was very difficult to work with. I used some brushed nickel hooks I’ve had for a long time that I got on clearance.

This is the small white shelf. I had some black hooks that I also got on clearance that looked nice together. You can find black and brushed nickel hooks like this on D. Lawless Hardware (.com)

I attached my favorite d-rings to the back of all four of these projects.

I really like how both of the coffee rack shelves turned out.

This But First font (Harrington) was a lot easier to work with. The COFFEE font is Adobe Arabic.


The large black shelf got three ball hooks from D. Lawless Hardware.

The large white shelf got a vinyl phrase Home—Where your story begins.

77K+ Not only does my Homeright Finish Max make projects like this easy to finish, but it allows me to get a perfect paint finish every time!


disclaimer: I am happy to be a Homeright Brand Ambassador. Homeright sent me the Finish Max and I have been compensated for my time. All thoughts opinions and projects are my own.

Original article and pictures take http://www.myrepurposedlife.com/2015/10/easy-cabinet-door-projects.html site

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