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How to Transfer Ink to Wood

How to Transfer Ink to Wood

How to Transfer Ink to Wood

I'm confused about the shipping label...do I print the picture on the sticky side of the back of the label? Or on the paper underneath the sticky label?

You throw away the labels and use the slick paper, wax paper will do the same i do believe

This is how I do transfers: I select the picture I want to transfer (usually from a quality magazine or calendar) and spray a thin coat of clear polyurethane on it and let it dry thoroughly and then spray several more coats letting each dry. I then soak the picture in warm soapy water till you can take a sponge and wipe away the paper. (The ink stays attached to the polyurethane.) Rinse in cool water and take a paper towel and dab the excess water off, Don't Rub. Once it is dry you can then use spray adhesive and attach it to your display medium. I have used colored magazines and transferred pictures of motor cycles and cars to waste cans for my son’s rooms. You can spray the picture with polyurethane and while it is wet attach it to a piece of class carefully squeegee the air bubbles out. Let it dry; you can leave it as is and hang it up or remove the paper by soaking and using the same method to remove the paper to make a light box, it’s like a detailed stained glass window.

Can I use the news paper ?

Could I use wax paper in place of the label paper? I'm transferring an image onto a 9\" x 13\" piece of wood and the seams show up on the image each time I glue 2 pieces of the label paper together.

I've done this before on an old wooden desk, but with a much easier method--not involving the use of the labels, nor running glue through a printer! I wish I could remember how--cause it is a very cool idea and it turned out great!

can i use bookbinding glue? thats all i have at hand

also will this hurt my printer

you remove the lables and on the back side tape it, then glue the shiny side the labels were stuck to to print on. Then the glue sticks to the wood and peels off of the shiny smooth label backing.

Is this any better or the same as using transfer paper? I've never tried it, but I have a ream of it at home I bought at a rummage sale.

will this work with color too?

Yes this will work with color ink. Should you chose to transfer color photos, please make sure to pick bright colored photos. When you print the image on the label backing, the color will fade. The brighter the photo, the more color transfers onto the wood. We'd love to see your final project should you go ahead and do this.

oh yes this is so me

i want to try this with pictures of my grand kids ! can i use any kind of wood ?

O my that was Not so good the first time so i tryed it again and it is much better tks for the idea

and i can try....

I want to try this

i was searching for such a creative thought. really cool.

Michelle Hardison check this out

How to decorate a table top with wrapping paper and varnish

FYI if it goes through

If simply framing your favorite photos doesn't quite do them justice, try transferring your best prints onto wood. This creative display will showcase your picture perfect moments in a manner that's worthy of their greatness.

Things You'll Need


Inkjet printer

Shipping labels

Matte finish sealer spray

Matte gel medium

Clear drying glue

2 foam brushes

Credit card or gift card (to act as a squeegee)

Step 1

Gather your materials so you have everything you need on-hand before you begin.

Step 2

Remove and discard the labels from the backing of the shipping labels. You'll use the backing in order to transfer the ink from your chosen image to your piece of wood.

Step 3

Tape any perforated seams on the back of the paper so they do not accidentally break during the printing or application processes.

Step 4

Spray the backing with a thin, even coat of spray-on clear sealer in a well-ventilated area and let dry completely.

Step 5

With a foam brush, apply a thin layer of glue evenly over the backing and let dry.

Step 6

Select the image you would like to print. If your image has text, be sure to flip it using the photo editing software of your choice, otherwise it will come out backwards when applied to the wood. Print your image onto the paper, on the side with the dried glue, and be careful not to smudge the image once it's printed.

Step 7

Prepare your wood surface for the transfer. Be sure to sand the surface and wipe clean, if necessary.

Step 8

Apply the matte gel to the wood with a foam brush, making sure to throughly coat the surface.

Step 9

While the gel is still wet, apply your image face down on to the wood. Starting from the center and working towards the edges, push out any air bubbles using the gift card as a squeegee. Let dry for an hour and a half.

Step 10

Slowly peel the paper from wood, revealing the transferred image, and finish with a coat of clear sealer.

Step 11

Proudly display your wood print on your desk, mantle or anyplace that will allow you to show off your favorite photo (not to mention your DIY prowess)

Original article and pictures take http://www.ehow.com/how_6732929_transfer-ink-wood.html?utm_source=pinterest.com&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=topperformers&utm_content=inline&crlt.pid=camp.r13lZlSOfMqi&pp=1 site

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