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How To Repurpose Candle Jars + Target GiftCard Giveaway

How To Repurpose Candle Jars + Target GiftCard Giveaway

How To Repurpose Candle Jars + Target GiftCard Giveaway

it is great for removing adhesive or gum residue from price tag stickers on mugs and glasses

I like the use of removing gum.

My favorite use for Goo Gone is getting crayon marks off of the table after my grandson gets done coloring.

My favorite use was when we used it a year or so ago to remove gum from our carpet.

I like using Goo Gone to get stickers off of mirrors, and other items.

I like it to remove labels and gum.

Getting stickers off easily, especially price tags is my favorite use.

I like using Goo Gone to remove gum from carpet! It is impossible to get out!

In recently used Goo Gone to remove the stickers off our new windows.

I would like to use it to remove crayon.

I seriously LOVE goo gone! It’s made crafting and so many other things easier. I love how you repurposed candle jars into something cute.

My favorite use is for removing adhesive residue from stickers/labels

I love to use it for arts and crafts

Crayola marks my daughter makes…ugh. Thankfully Goo Gone works awesome!

I like that it can clean up crayons.

my favorite use is to remove price stickers

I always keep it around to get off stickers. Seems like they always place it in the worst spot!

What a cute idea, I love it!

cleaning my coffee pot..which is very important with a 6 yr old and Newborn

I like using it to get labels off of old bottles

My favorite use is price sticker removal.

I love to use it for arts and crafts cleanup!

It will remove anything!

Removing labels on items and the residue always left behind.

I have a good stash of plastic containers. I soak them and get most of the paper labels off, then use Goo Gone to get the stick residue off. Nothing else works!

Oh I have never tried it before, but would love to use it on the adhesive that sticks from price tags! Oh those can be so hard to get off….this sounds wonderful!

cleaning our counter tops after a school project!

My favorite use is for getting the inspection sticker off my windshield. I didn’t know you could use it for cleaning grout. I’m going to have to try that!

I love using it to remove crayon.

I use it to remove tough labels but I also didn’t know they sold something to clean your coffee pot, so, I will check that out.

I love that it can remove crayon!!!!!

I burn candles everyday, so I resuse these candle jars from everything from cotton pads, swabs, wrapped pantyliners, teacher gifts filled with candy, etc.

Aren’t they great?!

A couple weeks ago, I shared a crazy picture of the closet under our stairs on Instagram (you can check out my feed, here). It was a hot mess and I had a whole section of the shelf dedicated to candles. A lot of the candles were burnt out and I was just holding onto them, subconsciously looking for a way to repurpose them. I love to repurpose candle jars because they are like free glass containers looking for another way to be used.

The house that we are renting now has a HORRIBLE vinyl counter in our master bathroom. I mean brown-leaf-patterned vinyl kind of horrible. That being said, I decided to make these little organizers for my grandmother’s gorgeous master bathroom. Her bathroom has a brown and tealish-blue theme with lovely crystal accents and I wanted to decorate these jars to match.

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This is what you need to bling out an old candle jar…

Goo Gone

Knobs (I used these)

Candle Jar

Spray paint

Primer (if you didn’t use a paint that has a primer already in it)

Glue (E6000 glue)

I began this project by cleaning out my candle jars. My old method for cleaning out candle jars took me FOREVER. Today, I stuck a flat head screw driver into the wax and popped the remaining wax right out of the jar. The green candle was a little more difficult, but it still only took a minute or two.

After I got the wax out of the jars, I wiped the lids of the jars with a little rubbing alcohol and sprayed a light coat of primer onto them. After about 10 minutes, I sprayed the lids with paint.

While the paint dried in the garage, I went inside to clean out the wax residue from the jars. This was the part that used to take forever; however, I had a bottle of Goo Gone Spray Gel handy. I just sprayed some of the gel onto the surface, swirled it around in the jar, and wiped it out with a paper towel.

Afterwards, I washed the entire jar with soap and water and used more Goo Gone to remove the adhesive from the label.

While the jars dried, I created and cut these cute labels on my Silhouette Cameo. If you do not have one of these awesome machines, you can use letter stickers to achieve a similar look.

To put the labels on the jars, I filled each jar with a small amount of water to create a baseline and insure even placement of my label on the jars.

I then used a little E6000 glue to adhere these gorgeous knobs to the top of the lids. This glue is POWERFUL but it takes a while to cure. I just stuck the lids in the garage until they cured most of the way.

The last step is to fill the jars and put the lids on. These repurposed candle jars are now gorgeous bathroom organizers that match perfectly with my grandmother’s decor.

I grabbed my bottle of Goo Gone Spray Gel from Target! From now until 9/27/2016, I am hosting a $20 Target E-GiftCard giveaway for you to purchase and try this amazing formula. It is awesome for cleaning up all sorts of crayon and sticky mess. The only things I would not use Goo Gone on are silk, leather, suede, rubber, faux stainless steel, drywall, unfinished wood surfaces, and unfinished stone.

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