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How to Make a Paper Map Basket

How to Make a Paper Map Basket

How to Make a Paper Map Basket

Cover bangle bracelets in flannel closet castoffs to create fashion-forward jewelry that makes a thoughtful handmade gift.

Place clothing item on a flat surface. Using the bracelet as a guide, cut a fabric strip that's 1\" longer than the bracelet's circumference and double the width.

Pour a small amount of fabric glue into a small glass bowl or plate (Image 1). Dip chip brush into glue and brush a medium-thick layer of glue onto the outside of bangle (Image 2). Center and line up pattern, then press one of the fabric's ends into glue (Image 3). Holding the glued end in place, wrap fabric strip around bracelet, using the plaid's lines to ensure the pattern stays straight. To create a clean seam, brush a bit of glue onto the underside of the fabric's overage, then turn under and press in place (Image 4).

If necessary, cut off any excess, leaving approximately 1\" of fabric on each side (Image 1). Working in sections, brush glue onto the bangle's inside surface, then tuck in fabric and press in place (Image 2). Set completed bangle aside to allow glue to fully dry.

Optional: Cover a gift box lid with leftover flannel fabric for beautifully coordinated gift wrap (Image 1). Tip: Gather other closet castoffs, like old leather belts, wool sweaters or denim to create even more fashion-forward bracelets (Images 2 and 3).

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