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Etched Glass Christmas Centerpiece

Etched Glass Christmas Centerpiece

Etched Glass Christmas Centerpiece

SUCH a cute idea!!!

I love that you made it seasonal! It’s a perfect centerpiece!

Thanks girl! I couldn’t help myself, I love Christmas pieces!!

That is so cute and looks so easy Lindi!

Thank you so much Susan! If you make one, I’d love to see it!!

These turned out amazing!!! I may just have to copy this for our Christmas centerpiece this year! Great job, friend!

I love this project so much! I also want some of those boxwood wreaths! So pretty!

Such an adorable idea! It’s making me think of all the possibilities for Christmas decor with all the old glass jars I have in my basement.

It’s never too early for Christmas projects! Love it!

Happy November! Am I officially allowed to start holiday posts now? lol. As a blogger, I’m always very early starting my Christmas projects and decor, but this year may be exceptionally early. When you voted for us to use Etching Cream as the item last month, I just couldn’t get Christmas project ideas out of my head, so I decided on a quick and easy etched glass Christmas centerpiece. This month we are sharing 6 amazing Etched Glass projects for the Create with Me challenge, and I’m glad you are here to vote on what we are using next month!

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Before we get started, we need YOUR help! Take the survey below and tell me what you want to Create with Me next month. We always post our projects on the first Tuesday of the month!

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Have you heard of glass etching cream? I had never used it until today, but I’m telling you it was SO easy!


I started by pulling out my Cricut Explore to make a stencil. This is my FAVE crafting tool. (Side note: I’m GIVING ONE AWAY on my facebook and instagram this week – be sure to visit and enter!). All I did was choose a font I liked and printed out the letters on a sheet of vinyl.

If you don’t have a Cricut forward this post to your husband to buy you one for Christmas! lol. Or you can make your own stencil with a craft knife in your vinyl.

Next, apply your stencil to the glass vase.

Apply your glass etching cream with a foam brush in a thick layer.

Follow the directions, on the package, and when ready, wash off the etching cream.

You’ll be left with a beautiful outline of your stencil! I put these glass vases inside my Boxwood Candle Rings and I LOVE the look.

Would you use this centerpiece for the holidays?

Now it’s time to check out the other amazing etched glass projects!

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