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Double thumbs up from Jack!

Double thumbs up from Jack!

Double thumbs up from Jack!

my weekend project. making 3

I made one when I saw yours! You've been my source of inspiration.

Thank you,


Great idea and the little boy in the picture is a cutie!

Over the years I have measured all 17 grandchildren on a wall in my laundry room. I would love to transfer this to a ruler like this. I already have the barn siding just don't know how to do it. does anyone have any ideas. This could be a real

@Frances Adler Atkins as I mentioned above...once you have cut and made the correct measures on your new board..just place it next to the lines on your wall and mark on your new board ruler. You can find DIY instructions on line, Google, Pinterest,

I decided to also make one for my grandbaby...so easy!! Going to try and sell some also...I've got tons of barn wood, and an old old house that came with our farm...its paradise for folks like us!!

Love it!!

Need to add a little rustic to your home full of crayons and stuffed animals? Throw away those paper wall rulers and make your own! I found this great old barn door at the landfill and screamed with delight when I laid eyes on it. I took just one of the pieces of wood, sanded it down, used permanent marker to make all the lines and numbers, sealed it with a wax, and hung that bad boy on the wall. We mark the kid's height right on it. I love functional and beautiful decor. :)

LOVE my landfill find!

Double thumbs up from Jack!

To see more: http://paintedtherapy.blogspot.com/2012/06/wall-ruler.html

Original article and pictures take http://www.hometalk.com/582319/make-your-own-rustic-wall-ruler site

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