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DIY Sky Blocks

DIY Sky Blocks

DIY Sky Blocks

Oh what a gorgeous idea!

This would be a perfect present at a baby shower…

Many greetings from austria,


I was thinking the same thing! I love handmade gifts.

LOVE these – wow these are just the cutest!!!

Thank you Rachael! I was pumped with how they turned out.

So adorable! Great idea

Thanks Heidi! xo

I have been wanting to do a project like this forever, love it!

Awesome! Hope you try it!

These are just too adorable! What a fantastic idea and you have successfully inspired me to get creativeE x

Thanks Emma! Glad to hear it!

this is kind of late but i ended up making this last year for my brother’s new baby boy :). it turned out pretty cute and his family loved it. only problem is some sides are a little hard to put together

Ooh, so excited, here’s another project I can do with the blocks I was planning to purchase! Nice post, lovely execution and photos.

Next up in our DIY game night series, we have something for the little ones! Thought it would be fun to share this one this week, what with the exciting news and all. These actually turned out way cooler than I thought they would! Do you ever have one of those ideas that you think will probably work but you’re not really sure? This was like that. But I love these, and maybe someday our kiddo will be flipping them around with chubby little fingers. Let’s make ’em!


natural wood blocks (these are 1 1/2\u2033)

nontoxic craft paint



painter’s tape

Make Time: 3 Hours (plus drying time)

Begin by deciding what you’d like on each side of the blocks. We did four different skies (sun, moon, clouds, and stars), and a diagonal line on the two remaining sides. Paint the base color on all sides — dark blue on opposing sides, and light blue on opposing sides. In between painting, allow each side to dry fully.

With the blues painted, paint the two remaining sides white and allow them to dry. Then lay a piece of painter’s tape on the diagonal on both of the white sides. Paint the untaped section gold, remove the tape before the paint dries, and allow all of the base colors to dry.

Now the fun part! Arrange the blocks in a tidy square and lightly sketch the first design with a pencil. Keeping the blocks in a square, gently paint inside the pencil marks. I needed two coats for this part.

Allow the design to dry and repeat with the other skies! Be sure that while you’re adding the designs, you flip the blocks over the same way every time so that you stay organized with which sky goes on which side.

I love these! They’re great for arranging into the different sky pictures, and also making patterns with the diagonal sides. And we didn’t have a baby handy to come in and play with them, but Mr. Lovely seemed to really like stacking them…

Have fun! xoxo

Original article and pictures take http://lovelyindeed.com/diy-sky-blocks/ site

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