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DIY Laundry Pedestal

DIY Laundry Pedestal

DIY Laundry Pedestal

This is so much better than buying pedestals! Great idea!

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Not really, because our washer and dryer are balanced well. Sometimes if there is something in the washer that is overly heavy or bulky (like a load of jeans), it will make some noise, but for the most part I hardly notice it.

Um, awesome!! This is such a great idea and you probably spent a lot less than the pedestals would’ve cost! Love it!!!

I love the idea and concept of this. It would help alot with keep everything organised instead of looking like a tornado hit. I would love if you would come link this up at our Wednesday party.

I LOVE this! I bought my new washer and dryer the day after we moved into our new house because the previous owner’s existing washer stopped working. I got a fabulous deal on the pair I wanted in a beautiful blue. The only problem was that they didn’t have the pedestals in blue. They said I could get them in red or white. So I went with out. I mentioned building a pedestal ourselves to the husband but he just rolled his eyes. I’m totally showing this to him as soon as he gets home! Thanks so much for the how-to!

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Thanks for sharing over at Do Tell Tuesday, this is awesome!

Diane @ Vintage Zest

Diane @ Vintage Zest recently posted…Do Tell Tuesday #6, Features and an ANNOUNCEMENT!

So handy Katie- I love it! I had this on my laundry room wish list last year when we ‘did’ the laundry room but I also wanted to be able to use the top of the machines as a counter surface because it is a laundry/mud room combo so I had to forgo these. Wish I didn’t have to – they are so practical!! Thanks for the tutorial- I am pinning it:)

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I absolutely LOVE this idea! My w&d are in the basement which tends to flood so I thought maybe we could use this idea and just make the 4×4’s a little taller….oh and my husband says in grounded from your site cuz that means more work for him! Ha Ha! Love it!!!

Nicely done. I’m gonna make this at home too.

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Great tutorial! We put our washer and dryer on a pedestal this Fall and I am so glad we did! Thank you for linking up to the Hit Me With Your Best Shot Link Party…I’m featuring you this morning on OneKriegerChick!

Happy Weekend!

~Ariean http://onekriegerchick.com/

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Katie! These are incredible! I’m having some serious laundry room envy over here! Love, love, love what you did! Thanks so much for linking up at Hit Me with Your Best Shot! Hope to see you back tonight!

~Abby =)

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This is so awesome! Love the storage underneath!

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I love this idea and much more functional than the stand that comes with those sets.

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I am LOVING this project! We sure could use one of these Pinned!

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Hey there! Just found your site via a post shared by Kreg Tools on Facebook. Nice work! Mind if I share this article in my “interesting stuff from around the web” series? Great project Katie!

I am a diy’er myself…what did you use to get the washer and dryer on the pedestals? Nice work!

Since my family is taller we got the pedistals with our set 8 years ago. Having said that I can see how this under everything could help with space a ton and eleminate the clutter that naturally happens on top otherwise. It will also make it easier to get to the dryer bottom panals to open it up for its semi-annual cleaning, and any repair work to the element, since it will be further off the floor.

Thank you for sharing this project. I’m definitely building this for our laundry room! We had our washer and dryer stacked, but then, when we got a new washer that is a different brand than our dryer, we had to unstack them. Since then, our little laundry room is quite cramped. I can’t wait to try this! Thanks again.

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This is brilliant. I bought some of the super expensive pedestals that matched my washer a dryer and have yet to use them a single time. This is such a better idea because I could use the space below for clothes.

This is amazing Katie! Thank you so much for sharing this with us!

Great use of space in the laundry room! Thanks for sharing this fantastic project at The Pin Junkie. It was featured at this week’s party. Please stop by to grab a featured button and party with us again at http://www.thepinjunkie.com/2014/02/friday-link-party-54.html

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I LOVE how this turned out! It’s crazy how expensive those pedestals are! I’m pinning this for when we get a new dryer and washer. Thanks for sharing how you made this!

I would love it if you’d link this up to the Frugal Crafty Home Blog Hop–we love seeing awesome projects like this!

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Hi Nancy! I’d be happy to answer your questions. We didn’t use a nail gun. We used a drill/screwdriver and wood screws. I highly recommend using a Kreg Jig for projects like this though. It allows you to have good solid wood joints and you don’t have screws to try to hide later. Plus the Kreg Jig saves us a lot from the wood splitting like it would with traditional screw joints. We purchased our wood from Home Depot and had them cut the majority of it. At the time, we didn’t have a saw big enough to cut the 4×4 legs. They have always been great about cutting wood for us (Lowes too). It’s especially convenient for them to cut the plywood.

Love this pedestal and would love to have it, but I am afraid that it would make the machine too high for me to put my laundry soap into the dispenser. I guess we will have to measure it out and see!

Great idea probably add two suggestions to it if anyone decides to do this project:

1) make the platform a little bit larger size wise so you can install some trim molding like a 2 x 4 as a guard just in case the washer or dryer should decide to ever shift or move and make the front piece removable just in case it needs to come down off the platform for whatever reason. Making the platform a little larger in case you also need a replacement. Would be nice if I had a ramp to load them up the platform as my washer is rather heavy. (lol)

2) I would also suggest adding (4) 2\u2033 dolly wheels. Place (2) lockable dolly wheels in front underside of the platform and (2) regular dolly wheels in the rear under the platform so you can always move it out to service behind the machines. Like replacing or cleaning the dryer exhaust vent hose which should be done annually.

How do you access the spot where the vent goes through the wall for cleaning? I would love to build some pedestals but worry I’ll block my wall vent.

The website with the plans no longer works. Do you have them still?

We lifted them ourselves. They were brand new, so there wasn’t any water in the drum of the washing machine yet. They were still heavy, but we got them up there.

I’ve thought of doing a project like this but I have a question. Once complete and the washer and dryer are in place did you have trouble with vibration? Do the machines stay in place? I’m worried this part of the pedestal would have problems.

I love this idea! I see everyone talks about them being front loading….it will work with top loading as long as I can reach the washer, right? I didn’t know if there was a reason that it had to be front loading.

Building the bottom pedastal can u build out of 2×3 or 1×1 to make smaller on bottom since only laundry basket will be on it or will 1×1 be to little weight to support weight of washer dryer. Will it collaspe. Thanks

Love love love these ideas! will definitely try out in my house sometimes. Thanks a lot for sharing!!!



What are the measurements? Width, depth , length and height? Really like this idea. Another add on the honey-do list.

This is a great idea but I was wondering how do you stop your washing machine and dryer moving from the top of these when they are on? (i.e. due to the vibrations?)


Love the pedestal! Just a suggestion, you should consider replacing that vent hose with a rigid metal hose. Those plastic ones are a huge fire risk

My wife will love this one! And we have exactly the same appliances

What a great idea. I don’t think I can train my partner yo use them correctly though!

Since the base is made of 2x4s, you would not be able to make a cut for a dryer vent to fit through. I’m not sure of the orientation of your dryer vent, but you could make a hole in the top and then run it through the hole and then into the wall.

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[…] DIY: DIY Laundry Pedestal. Have I shared this before?? Maybe I just needed a reminder to keep this project in mind. We have […]

With the new year starting, it seems that everyone (including myself) is looking for ways to get organized. This laundry pedestal is a great start for your laundry room. My husband and I built this a year and a half ago for our new washer and dryer. There are a lot of oddities with our house (I could go on and on), but one of them is the size of our laundry room. At first glance, it’s a good-sized laundry room. Unfortunately, the space where the washer and dryer go is actually very narrow. Our old washer and dryer used to stick out so far that we could just barely close the laundry room door. Our dryer vent hose was at an angle that probably wasn’t ideal. My husband had wanted to purchase those expensive drawer pedestals for years, but we just couldn’t justify spending hundreds of dollars on them, and we didn’t know what we would put in those drawers. When I showed him these plans from Ana White’s website, he was totally onboard with building our own. We also happened to need a new washer and dryer at the time, so we went on the hunt for those as well. Because of the location of our dryer vent in the wall, we had to find a dryer that could have the vent hose attached on the side. We searched for weeks and happened to find the perfect set at the Best Buy near our house. It was closing, which we hated, but it also meant that we got an awesome deal on the pair.

We got all of our materials for this project at Home Depot. The laundry pedestal cost us around $125 to build. That’s less than purchasing one pedestal! You can find detailed instructions for these plans here.

We started by building two frames. The top frame (the one that the washer and dryer sit on) will have more center supports than the bottom frame (pictured).

We squared everything up and screwed the frame together with 3\u2033 wood screws. If you have a Kreg Jig (which we didn’t have at the time), you can also drill 1 1/2\u2033 pocket holes and attach everything with 2 1/2\u2033 pocket screws.

We cut our plywood pieces to size and snapped some chalk lines, then screwed them down with 1 1/2\u2033 wood screws.

I got caught up in the moment and didn’t take any pictures of the next few steps. After the two frames were done, we attached the 4×4 pieces following the plan instructions and then filled all of the screw holes with wood putty.

The wood soaked up the paint like crazy, so we used two coats to paint the whole pedestal. After painting it, we attached the trim pieces with caulk and finish nails and then painted those as well.

We couldn’t wait to get the pedestal in our laundry room.

Now we don’t have to worry about our dryer hose being kinked at an odd angle. It sits nicely on the side of the dryer.

I got the laundry baskets at Walmart and then I used some vinyl to cut letters out to label the baskets. The best part is that my kids now sort their own laundry! It makes my life so much easier to be able to ask them to do that before I start a load. Plus, we now have a place to put dirty towels as well. Plus, I can just prop the big laundry basket right up to the dryer and take clothes out. I seriously love this thing. We’ve actually made a second one as a gift for friends and they love it too.

As always, if you have any questions about the project, I’d love to answer them. If you are thinking of buying those expensive pedestals, this option, in my opinion, is so much more functional. Please feel free to share, pin, like, etc!


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