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DIY Disco Ball

DIY Disco Ball

DIY Disco Ball

Make Your Room Super Cool

Whether or not you are bored or just feeling plain arty and feel like doing up your room - why not head down to your local craft or dollar store and whip up a few of these projects to get your room looking like a palace!

DIY Disco Ball

1) DIY Disco Ball

All you need is a styrofoam ball, blank CDs, scissors , hot glue gun, thumbtack, and a string. This is such an awesome idea for a teen's room and also a great craft to make.

Homemade Makeup Station

2) Homemade Makeup Station

Bookcases and a desk make the perfect getting ready station for a teen. You can either go to charity stores to pick up old desks and book cases or find a budget style at reasonably priced homeware stores.

Tumblr Bedroom Music

3) Tumblr Bedroom Music

Raid the charity shop for old records and make your room look like a scene from tumblr. Who knows maybe someone in your family has a few scratched old ones lying around that they are just waiting for you to upcycle!

Use Old Books as Shelves

4) Use Old Books as Shelves

Got some old books you don't want? Make them into shelves. Or you could Bbuy cheap books from a thrift store and add your own skin for a cheap decoration without actually using your own books.

Colored Sand Jar | Cool DIY Projects for Teen Girls Bedrooms Marble Art | Cool DIY Projects for Teen Girls Bedrooms

6) Marble Art

What a really fun way to pass an afternoon - make some marble art ! Use Tape to 'write' your word and then paint to your hearts content. When dry, carefully remove the tape and there you have it.

Shoebox Desk Organizer | Cool DIY Projects for Teen Girls Bedrooms

7) Shoebox Desk Organizer

Could there be a better excuse to buy more shoes than using the box for an organizer?! Get nice paper and cover the box using glue or tape. Fill with items that don't have a place and you are now officially organized.

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