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DIY Creative Candles

DIY Creative Candles

DIY Creative Candles

I absolutely love the simplicity and beauty of the leave candles, wow! Definitely going to be making those soon – thanks!

I love the sweet shades made with the wine glasses and a votive cup, but I couldn’t find the instructions. Please send

Thank you

Hi Rhonda! That was from Good Housekeeping, the link is there in the post, but here it is again! Good luck! http://www.goodhousekeeping.com/home/crafts/candle-lampshade-craft

hello, I want to make those Candle Lampshade Craft but not sure what kind of paper do you need. Could you explain it to me?

Hi Anna!That project was done by Good Housekeeping, and they used scrapbooking paper! There is a link with the project that leads to their instructions…


Hi what type of glass would I need that wouldn’t shatter or smash with a tealight inside ? Also what’s the best glue to use that isn’t flammable ? I’m thinking of making some blingy candle holders thankyou

Tealights don’t get so hot they would shatter glass, I have used them in juice glasses even! As far as glue, while we always suggest reading the table of the actual glue you are using, since you are glueing onto the outdid of the candle holder you should be just fine.

The colder months are fast approaching, and one of my secrets in my decorating arsenal is candles. I love candles that are displayed creatively and with intention…the more the better… nothing warms up a room, adds sparkle and a festive air, or puts a focus of attention on the main view in the room like candles. But here’s my pet peeve about people who use them in their home – actually use them! If they just sit on the end table gathering dust, then guess what? Dusty paperweight adding clutter to your room. How to avoid that syndrome? Make these DIY creative candles, and then make sure they become a nightly ceremony in your home. Candles are cheap, don’t wait for company or a special occasion. Make every night a little more special! I know I sound like a copywriter spouting slogans, but I feel pretty strongly about this. (Of course, I need to work on this as well. Decorating convictions. Who knew?) As always, whenever working with candles, do not let the flame come into contact with flammable materials or children. Disclaimer done. :)

Our feature project, above and below, is a DIY Autumn mason jar candle that is cheap and easy to make. LOVE the glow through the fall leaves! Tutorial courtesy ‘Spark and Chemistry’.

From ‘Oleander and Palm’ these DIY birch candles are a natural look that can be used year round, but I can see them looking especially amazing around the holidays. Don’t forget gift giving time is right around the corner too, and these creative projects you make yourself are a truly heartfelt gift that will not get put in a back closet!

Another great DIY candle project straight from nature? These gold dipped log candles from ‘Life Over Easy’… The gold paint adds something to the project, I think it was just enough without making it look gaudy gold… Another great gift idea!

From ‘Four Plus an Angel’ these crafty photo candleholders are easy with a printer and some old or dollar store vases… Click through to see how the photos glow when the candle is lit! Wedding gift?

Looking for something a little more exotic? These DIY lace candles look Victorian to me, and they are easy!

Crystal at ‘A Pumpkin and a Princess’ has a tutorial for you on these (what I can imagine smell AMAZING!) DIY lavender mason jar candles. We’ve used some of Crystal’s projects before, she is really creative!

This candle lampshade craft from ‘Good Housekeeping’ uses old wine glasses and a homemade shade for this really sure project. Complete instructions with a printable template for cutting out the lampshade.

Brooke at ‘Spruce Your Nest’ tells us how she made her DIY tea light wall, and it may be my fav yet! Really clever, and I love projects with personality… Spoons!

Finally, from ‘DIY Wanderer’, this ultimate DIY candle guide tells you how to make your own candles, and gives you a chart to mix and match containers, wicks, etc… and then of course, step by step instructions to making the candles themselves… Have fun with your candles, and remember…use them!

Image Credits: Life Over Easy, Spark and Chemistry, Oleander and Palm, Four Plus an Angel, Big Ang Official, Pumpkin and a Princess, Good Housekeeping, Spruce Your Nest, DIY Wanderer

Original article and pictures take http://www.thebudgetdecorator.com/diy-creative-candles/ site

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