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DIY 20 Cute Christmas Decorations (Quick Last Min Ideas)

DIY 20 Cute Christmas Decorations (Quick Last Min Ideas)

DIY 20 Cute Christmas Decorations (Quick Last Min Ideas)

Its almost 2 weeks to Christmas and we all deal with that last min rush whether it’s about wrapping the gifts (which most of us suck at) or decorating the house.

The Christmas spirit is everywhere. Dublin around this time is the most beautiful with all the lights and pretty decorations. Although if you are going there for shopping at this time of the year… good luck waiting in the 2 hr queues everywhere! It can get.. a little crowdy. But it’s totally worth it with the most amazing friends! Below is just a glimpse of what Dublin looks like during Christmas and yes that’s the main city centre.

Dublin was my main inspiration to do this post so keep reading for some cute and easy DIYs for the holidays!

Decor Ideas:

1) I had to start with OLAF!

2) It’s just too cute and easy! You can do it on your fridge as well.

3) Cinnamon Candles. These will make your entire house smell Christmas-y. I love the cute ribbons (Keep scrolling to number 16 to see how to make the ribbons).

4) Colorful bulbs! You can make them red and gold to give it a holiday touch

5) OMG! Cuteness overload! Yup those are pine cones. You can use colorful paper or felt to stick on the pine cones.

6) This decor is so chic and easy! And the container are pretty cheap in $$ store or dealz.

7) All you need is fun colored paper.

8) Ombre Letters <3

9) Frosty pine cones and candle jars. You can use a sponge and white paint to give that snowy look on the pine cones and put some epsom salt (it’s more crystal-y than normal salt) under the candles in jar.

10) I mean seriously.. tissue paper! Everyone has them right?

11) Personally I would use smaller jars because they are cute and bigger bottles use a lot of twine and effort.

12) Its so easy and snowy! Definitely gives the Disney-like decor to your room.

13) Mason jars are always used in DIYs!

14) It will light up your entire room!

15) All you need is toilet rolls! Paint them white and poke some holes. Draw semi circles on both ends of the roll and fold them. Glue the folded sides, add a bow, hang them above the fireplace and let the magic happen

16) This is seriously GENIUS! Everyone needs to learn this for Christmas (and gift wrapping).

17) They are so small and cute. Add these as ornaments on your Christmas tree or hang them around your room Click HERE for full tutorial.

18) These would look absolutely pretty on a window sill. Instead of the little wooden balls, you can use little white pom poms.

19) Use double sided tape to make the glitter stick on the candle and that’s it. It wouldn’t even take you more than 10 mins.

20) The last one has to be a super cute one with reindeers! All you need is toilet rolls, white paper and black paint.

Let me know which one you’ll choose to decorate your room with.

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