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8 Alternative Uses of Laundry Basket

8 Alternative Uses of Laundry Basket

8 Alternative Uses of Laundry Basket

You might never think of other alternative uses of laundry basket but just use them to dump your laundry to and from the washing machine!! Our Home Decor channel is going to prove that there’s so many uses of them for home decorations than just sorting the whites from the colors and end up everywhere as ordinary basket. Sroll down and you will get inspired from these new uses of basket end tables, quick wreath, container gardens and much more.

01. Wire Basket Accent Table

02. Laundry Basket Wreath

Get the cheap round plastic laundry basket, cut off the base and use the upper part as a perfect shift of foam base for wreath, arrange everything around and decorate your masterpiece till complete.

Image and Instructions: A Piece of Rainbow

03. Pineapple Laundry Basket

Spray paint any laundry basket to yellow and add the blue end to make it fruit fresh as this yellow pineapple, or red strawberry at your fingertip of creation.

Image and Instructions: Brit Co

04. Laundry Basket Planter Box

Broken basket or not, cover with a piece of linen and put your pot plants in.

Image and Instructions: Elizabeth Joan Designs

Original article and pictures take http://www.diyhowto.org/laundry-basket-alternative-uses-home-decorations/ site

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