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26 Woodworking projects for kids

26 Woodworking projects for kids

26 Woodworking projects for kids

26 Woodworking projects for kids

The beautiful thing about woodworking is that it extends to different generations. Whether you are young, old, or somewhere in between, there are woodworking projects you can tackle that will fit your skill level.

Today, we’re compiling the best woodworking projects for kids.

While kids can quickly become adept at using essential tools like a router, many of these projects don’t require big time power tools, and if they do – mom and dad can step in and lend a hand.

1. Lego Coat Rack

Finally, your kids’ Legos can be functional! This project is actually not as difficult as it looks.Check out the tutorial here.

2. Rustic Mantle Light

If mom or dad will help cut the pallet board, the rest of this decorative light project is kid-friendly and it's something that will have your guests talking.

3. Simple Boxes

Photozz provides us with the basics. Simple boxes are a great project for children just getting started.

4. Mason Bee House

This can easily be done in a day. Check out the full tutorial here.

5. DIY Wooden Arrows

A miter saw is needed for this, but it is a fairly simple (and beautiful) project for young ones.

6. Easy Wooden Bird House

Could there be a more classic first woodworking project? Best of all, you can hang it in your back yard and let your kid see their handiwork on display for years to come.

Skip to my Lou shows us an easy way to have fun, and share a unique experience with our kids.

7. Tripod Stool

See the tutorial at Wood and Faulk.

8. DIY Picture Frame

It’s Always Autumn says miter saws are optional for this project.

9. DIY Hanging Planter

It’s easy to make and you can display it for all to see. Via Biggerthanthetreeofus.com

10. DIY Utensil Organizer Caddy

Besides just the woodworking, you can also bust out some creative paint for this one! Via A Beautiful Mess.

11. Circular Shelf

Very simple and no power tools required. It’s a great project for kids and something they can hang in their own room. Via NewBlooming.com

12. DIY Reclaimed Wood Flag

It doesn’t have to be Texas… but you get the idea! From KillerBDesigns.

13. Snowman Fence

This one is really light-duty – using paint stirrers as your lumber. Via Buzzle.

14. Simple Sofa Cupholder

This is a great woodworking project for kids because if you can put three pieces of wood together and cut a hole in it, you can make this wooden sofa sleeve cup holder.

Mandi Johnson from A Beautiful Mess gets the credit for this clever project.

15. Crayon Holder

I love DIY woodworking projects for kids that they can actually make use of themselves. You’ll need a drill to make the holes, but the project is pretty simple overall. Via That’s My Letter.

16. Minimalist X-Shape Coasters

17. Rustic Wall Hook

18. Wooden Spoons

Just don’t use these to spank your children after they’ve spent time making them – that sounds like a psychological issue waiting to happen. Tutorial on Fairgoods.

19. Bottle Vase

Attention dads: This could be a great one for the kids to make for mom on Mother’s Day! ViaNur Noch

20. A Little More Intricate Bird House…

We showed a very simple bird house project earlier on our list, but this one is still kid friendly – maybe just for older kids with a little more patience and skill. ViaSimmWorksFamily.

21. Battery Organizer

22. DIY Wood Stamps

How cool are these things? Via Mother Natured.

23. A Family Pallet Sign

24. Homemade Wood Chairs

25. Play/Camping tent

As Jenna Burger points out, you can even get Lowes to do the wood cutting for you ahead of time!

26. Ruler Basket

A cool place to keep homework and folders. Via Kara’s Creative.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our collection of 26 woodworking projects for kids! Now get off your computer and start one! If you need more plans, see below:

Original article and pictures take http://www.thesawguy.com/woodworking-projects-for-kids/ site

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