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20 Free DIY Planner Printouts

20 Free DIY Planner Printouts

20 Free DIY Planner Printouts

Can you tell me where I can find a download for the planner picture on this page?

It is a 3 rind, with 2 pages for one day. The top has \"Thursday\" in Pink, and a Daily Responsibilites, School Routine, Home Maintenance, & Project list on the left. On the Right it has a to do list, and today's menu.

Thank you!

I found it here: I found it here: http://preparednotscared.blogs...

Hi... I've been designing my own planner for a couple of years...My problem is the amount of money it costs to print in color! What do other people do for this? I go through so much ink I'm not sure if I can continue to do this... Taking it to a printer is not any better... probably more costly. Any suggestions?

In case anybody has been wondering how my DIY Organizer has been working out, I haven’t missed using it for a single day. I still adore it, and have fun filling in my black squares for each day of the week with not only things I have to get done, but I also draw a little picture in each box to represent my favorite memory from that specific day (think of it as my alternative to Project 365).

While I was building my organizer, I scoured the web for inspiration as to how I wanted to design my own pages, you would be surprised how many helpful tips and pre-designed pages are already out there! I found so much I finally rounded up all of my links to ready-to-download pages and separated them into categories for you to enjoy. (I still stand by my opinion that it is best to design your own pages, because making your organizer more personal and specialized for you makes it more likely that you will use the organizer; however, everybody needs a jumping off point!)

Keep in mind that the majority of these pages are designed to fit a full letter sized piece of paper, luckily most (if not all) of the links below offer you the pages in .PDF format, which can easily be re-sized to a half sheet or whatever dimensions you use for your planner.

Weekly Planners

Menu Planners

Blog Planners

Blog action plan (including Social Media checkoffs! *Squee!* by Just Call Me B.


Original article and pictures take http://www.eclipsedmoon.net/free-planner-printout-pages/ site

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