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20+ Easy Weekend DIY Projects For Girls

20+ Easy Weekend DIY Projects For Girls

20+ Easy Weekend DIY Projects For Girls

The weekend is a time to relax, rest from stress of the week’s school or work days and, more importantly, have fun. For some, having fun might mean to stay in bed all day watching Netflix or pampering themselves, for others, it may mean to go outside and do activities.

If you are a person who gets bored easily or lacks ideas for things to do during the weekend – especially those pesky spring weekends when the weather decides to ruin your plans – trying to put together a DIY project you can use or gift later is a great idea.

There’s a lot of fun DIYs out there to try, from beautiful Pinterest.inspired clothing and accessories to useful décor and storage pieces. And the best part is you probably already have some of the raw materials at home, ready to be repurposed.Sounds like fun? Then let’s dive right into the amazing and beautiful world of DIY projects!

DIY Pom Pom Poncho Beach Cover Up

Ponchos and kimonos have been super trendy over the past few summers, but while a lot of stores always sell a million different ones, they aren’t that hard to make with a scarf or long piece of fabric, like you can see here. In fact, you can even use fabric glue to secure the trim and cute pompoms, so no sewing skills are required. Get the tutorial via source.

DIY Boho Necklace

DIY Shorts Out Of Jeans

Cutting your old jeans into shorts is a classic, but it never grows old. This blue pair is really cute with the scalloped edge, and it doesn’t even look too frayed. Get the tutorial via opinandomoda.

DIY Lace Cuff Tutorial

This is mainly a case of turning a piece of jewelry into a totally different new one. You can use a broken necklace, for instance, a scrap of lace from another project and then all you need is glue, connectors and clasps. People will love it so much they’ll ask you to sell them! Get the tutorial via frenchweddingstyle.

DIY No Sew Felt Flowers With Twigs For Decoration

It’s all about the folding and gluing with this project. All you need is some bright or pastel colored felt, scissors, yarn and your own imagination. With some practice, beautiful felt flowers will start blooming in no time. Get the tutorial via mommymoment.

DIY Glossybox Jewellery Box

Nowadays, we all constantly have a lot of boxes pilling up at home from online shopping, so why not turn them into a cute storage option like this jewelry box? The Glossyboxes work because they’re identical, but you can also use other boxes of the same size and paint them for a more uniform look. Then all you need to do is mount them like in the tutorial and add some ribbon decorations. Get the tutorial via floralandfreckled.

DIY Glove Mold Hand For Jewelry Display

DIY iPhone Stand Using Toilet Paper Rolls

This is the perfect project for girls who always need easy access to their phones, and it’s super cute, at that. All you need is toilet paper, pins, a crafts knife and some washi tape – almost no skill is required here. Get the tutorial via theseamanmom.

DIY Zipped Lip Makeup/Cosmetic Bag

This bright red and pink cosmetic bag is really fun with its lip shape, but you will need to sew in order to install the zipper at least. Once you master that, though, you can ever start making more for your friends, if you want to. It also fits more than you’d expect, which is always a plus. Get the tutorial via handmadiya.

DIY Beautiful Lace Doily Bowl

This lace doily bowl is a great idea for decoration, as you can use it to store accessories or makeup in a cute and colorful way. It isn’t hard to make at all, but you might need to buy some supplies, such as fabric stiffener and fabric paint. Get the tutorial via alittlecraftinyourday.

DIY No-sew Lace Shorts

DIY Leaf Print Pillows

These 3D leaf print pillows are actually really easy to do, as all you need are blank pillows and dried or fake leaves. Once you glue them together, you have beautifully elegant leaf-print pillows for you room or couch. Get the tutorial via ukkonooa.

DIY Toy Animal Candles

This DIY is really fun to do if you have an old toy animal collection that you don’t know what to do with anymore. All you need to do is poke a hole in the toy and then put a funnel or something similar inside. After that, you can spray paint it all in a metallic color for a more cohesive and polished look, but otherwise your new candle holders are ready. Get the tutorial via thesweetestoccasion.

DIY Wood Slice Coasters

DIY Cute Macrame Owls

These macramé owls are super cute and colorful, and they can be used as anything from decoration to key chains. You will have to learn macramé techniques in order to make them though, so it might be better to try this project over a long weekend. Via coolcreativity.

Painted Mandala Stone Tutorial

This colorful stone DIY project is actually quite simple, yet has a lot of impact. All you need is the stone, a few paints, and one or more brushes. Once it’s ready, you can use the stone as decoration or as a paperweight, or even give it away as a gift. Get the tutorial via colorful-crafts.

DIY Day to Night-Light Skirt

This beautifully embroidered tulle mini-skirt will literally light up summer parties with its colorful, glow-in-the-dark-style LED lights. It is, unfortunately, as complex to make as you might think, but it will be worth it, because the effect of the lights shining through the patterned fabric is truly spectacular. Learn how to use LEDs and make this skirt pop via instructables.

DIY Pineapple Bookends

Make stylish gold pineapple bookends from faux pineapple in just a few steps. This DIY is really cute and trendy, and it’s not difficult to make at all. Pineapples are very popular at the moment, so it shouldn’t be difficult to find a couple of plastic or ceramic ones for a couple bucks. Then all you need to do is spray paint them with your favorite color and place them on the shelf. Get the tutorial via diycandy.

Beautiful Paper Peony Tutorial

Paper crafts can be fiddly, but they’re never too hard to make. In this case, all you need is colored paper and practice. Once you’re finished, you can use these flowers as decorations or gift them to friends and family. Get the tutorial via ashandcrafts.

DIY Star String Lights Garland

It is true that you could buy a garland like this ready-made, but it’s a lot more fun and costs less money to do it yourself. All you need to do is get the string lights, cut the stars onto cardboard, glue them together and then install everything. We promise you it won’t even take you anywhere nearly the whole weekend. Get the tutorial via monmakesthings.

DIY Glitter Travel Mug

This DIY is for the girl who likes for everything to look glam – even her coffee mug. Getting the glitter to stick to your old plastic coffee mug might not be the easiest of tasks, and it certainly is time consuming, so make sure you won’t need your travel cup on Monday before you attempt this. Get the tutorial via oliveandivyblog.

Circle Knit Shirt Tutorial

How do you upcycle your favorite old t-shirt? You make it a cute and trendy circle shirt, which will give it a completely different look and probably make you a trendsetter online. Get the tutorial via landofnod.

DIY Rainbow String Art

This project is a little reminiscent of the elastic fever of a few years ago. All you need is a board, strings of different colors, nails and patience. You can virtually create any image, pattern or word, so don’t be afraid to let your imagination run free! Get the tutorial via honeyandfitz

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