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19 DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom and Grandma

19 DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom and Grandma

19 DIY Christmas Gift Ideas for Mom and Grandma

I am a mom and gramma and g.g. and I would pretend…but I wouldn’t care for few of those things above. My fav gift is a calendar from one daughter that puts pics of the family (gets some off facebook) and puts birthdays and anniversaries on the days they come up and pics of whoever is celebrating in that month, I know she has to spend some time on it but has all year. I can hang on refrig and feel close to them all year. One item from your ideas was the “rope bracelet” because it is soft on the skin. Time, time, time for mom, gramma and g.g.; setting aside some undivided time is more valuable that gold.


re: DIY Marble Dipped Dollar Store Mugs

The link to the tutorial seems to be missing or is broken. Definitely would love to try this tutorial perhaps this can be fixed?

Thank you.


I found the instructions for the marbled mugs here: http://www.thesweetestoccasion.com/2015/08/diy-marble-dipped-mugs/

I would imagine that it is a tin of water with acrylic fingernail polish “roped” in. The water should keep the polish in its shape (roughly). I’ll bet if you write on the mug with a crayon, you can personalize it too

Do you bake the mugs dipped in nail polish?

Thank you! Interesting ideas!

what is my mug has texture to it? does it still work?

Moms and Grandmas love nothing more than getting getting handmade gifts from their children and grandchildren – no matter what age they are! So if you want to make that extra special gift this year give one of these a try – they cost very little to make and will give your Mom or Grandma something to remember long after the holidays have gone!

Original article and pictures take http://www.coco29.com/diy-christmas-gift-ideas-for-mothers-and-grandma/ site

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