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16. Old suitcase medicine cabinet

16. Old suitcase medicine cabinet

16. Old suitcase medicine cabinet

Recycling is awesome! You will never have to throw anything from your house anymore.

Quit complaining that you have tons of stuff you don’t use in your house. You can do something with that stuff. Something that is so creative that will turn your home into an amazing place.

You don’t think that’s possible? Someone already did it and decided to share it with us.

This is something you’ve been waiting to see. If you were looking for some fresh and creative ideas for reusing your old and rusty stuff, this is for you!

Let’s see what the creative minds cooked up for us this time:

1. Piano waterfall

2. Globe lamps

3. Shipping crate shelves

4. Bicycle wheel clock

5. Car swing

6. Wine bottle lamp

7. Bottle hangers

8. Old timer pool table

9. Breadbox charging station

10. Iron pipe desk lamp

11. Skateboard swing

12. Suitcase cat bed

13. Bicycle sink stand

14. Piano aquarium

15. Crib table

16. Old suitcase medicine cabinet 17. Old boat outdoor sofa

18. Pallets home cinema

19. Old piano fountain

20. Sea mine fireplace

21. Old piano bookshelves

22. Old trampoline wigwam swing

23. Old bike parts chandelier

Creative huh?

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Original article and pictures take http://www.explosion.com/86487/23-amazing-recycling-ideas-that-will-revive-your-old-stuff-in-your-home/ site

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