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10 Ways to Save on Gas

10 Ways to Save on Gas

10 Ways to Save on Gas

10 Ways to Save on Gas

As gas costs continue to rise, drivers are feeling the pinch at the pump! It seems as consumers we are always looking for ways to buy gas cheaper, and how to make the gas that we bought last. The bad news is, gas prices are only going to continue to rise. The good news is, there are ways you can save at the pump AND make the fuel you buy last longer. If you are looking for ways to save money on gas, you will want to read on. Below you will find 10 Ways to Save on Gas and make your fuel last you longer!

Saving money on gas, and making your fuel last longer, doesn’t take a great deal of work. Once you learn these 10 Ways to Save on Gas, it will become second nature to you and part of your routine. Once that happens, the savings will quickly start to add up.

Interested? Here is how you can get started!

Here are 10 Ways to Save on Gas:

1. Be Spark Plug Savvy: Platinum spark plugs may claim to last 100,000 miles, but they have been known to give up at just 75,000 miles. Spark plugs are relatively inexpensive and easy to replace. If you’re not that handy, read some auto repair books or be-friend a mechanic. Keeping them in fresh condition will get you more out of your mileage.

2. Set Driving Limits: If your coworkers live near you, try carpooling. When out running errands, try combining trips instead of making multiple runs throughout the week. When shopping, try taking the first parking spot you find and walking instead of cruising the lot for 10-15 minutes for a closer space. By setting some limits on how much you drive, you are sure to save.

3. Top off those Tires: Check the air in the tires every few weeks and fill to the car manufacturer’s recommended pressure. This is best done when the tires are cold. Excessive pressure adds very little efficiency and can cause bad handling and uneven tire wear. Some gas stations have air pumps that are free to use and automatically inflate the tires to a pressure set on the pump. Take advantage of these!

4. Take Care of Your Investment: Just like you need to maintain your spark plugs, a properly maintained vehicle will run more efficiently and give you better mileage, which saves you money in gas. Take your car for regular oil changes, don’t neglect warning lights, and regular tune ups are a great idea.

5. Avoid Topping Up: Don’t top up your tank between fills. It is wasted money and bad for the environment. When you do this, it forces liquid fuel into the emissions system where it overwhelms circuits that are supposed to only route fuel tank vapors to the engine. Not good! Instead, wait until you have a quarter tank. Doing this can extend your gas mileage because you are hauling a lighter fuel load. It also gives you the opportunity to buy more gas if you run across a bargain.

6. Be Efficient When You Fill: Something to keep in mind when you fill up… fill the tank full! If you need to fill up, fill up all the way. The more money you try to save by adding $10 today and then $20 tomorrow will be wasted since each time you will have to travel to the station and wait for a pump. Instead, do it all at once to save time and money.

7. Follow at a Distance: Don’t tailgate. It will cause quick braking. This also gives you a lot more room to play with when you are timing traffic signals so you can just slow instead of having to stop and go over and over.

8. Don’t Idle: While idling, your car gets exactly 0 mile per gallon while starting the car uses the same amount as idling for 6 seconds. Park your car and go into McDonald’s rather than idling in the drive-through. Idling with the air conditioning on also uses extra fuel.

9. Keep Your Speed Consistent: While driving, avoid quick acceleration and hard and fast braking. Cruise control will keep you at a constant speed and is advisable to use.

10. Look for Shady Parking Spots: Did you know that gasoline actually evaporates right out of your tank, and it does so faster when you park directly in the sun? Next time, park in the shade. Parking in the shade also keeps it cooler inside, and you will need less A/C to cool off when you get back in. If there is no shade available, park so that your gas tank is facing away from the direct sun.

As you can see, these 10 Ways to Save on Gas are easy to follow and don’t cost much. By just being mindful you can really see a difference in the mileage of your car, and the dent in your budget. The gas pump doesn’t have to hurt. Just drive smart and follow these tips and it will make all the difference!

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